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In support of breast cancer month, I would love to give a free session to a brave woman; one that is now going through, or one that has already been through, the hardest time of her life; a woman who is strong and willing to live one more day.

So, I need your help, blog/ Facebook readers. I want you to nominate a person.

You must:
1- make a comment on my blog (you may make comments on FB, but the ones that count are the ones posted on the blog).

2- send me an email telling me why she is a brave woman. com

The deadline for your nominations will be Sunday, October 24, 2010, 11:59 p.m.

I will announce the winner on Wednesday, October 27, 2010.

This session will be held in Hidalgo County at the best time for both the winner and the photographer.

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Ericka Mena said...

This is a really beautiful thing you are doing <3
I'll be sure to nominate someone later on tomorrow!
Hey where's Saturday's blog?? :P

Karen Savignon said...
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Isa Aguilar said...

I nominate my aunt Iris Pacheco (Irasema). The reason would be because she is an amazing strong woman who wen through breast cancer, but thank god she overcame threw that challenge and is still with us. When going threw such a difficult situation, she fought against it with a positive attitude and a smile from her face would never go away. She is an amazing strong woman who deserves to work with you for this occasion.
Sincerely: Isa Aguilar

Karen Savignon said...

Erika is the winner for reminding me that I didn't post on Saturday =)

Isahamara Lopez said...

Hola Karen, yo propongo a mi hermana Iris Pacheco (Irasema) porque ella a sus 35 años recibio la noticia de que tenia cancer de seno, y la forma en que llevo su enfermedad es de admirarse porque nunca dijo (porque a mi dios) sino (por algo me escogiste a mi) Ella a sido muy valiente, ha luchado tanto por vivir, siempre tan positiva que por eso diosito le ha dado otra oportunidad, creo que ella es merecedora de la sesion de fotos y mucho mas. (Ella es muy fotogenica)..Gracias Karen por preocuparte tambien por este tipo de causa:) Atte. Isahamara Lopez